How Bing AI Search Uses Website Content

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How Bing AI Search Uses Website Content

Curious about how Bing’s AI-powered search uses website content?

Now you can find out. The search engine recently launched its ‘Website Content’ feature, which provides an in-depth analysis of a site’s content — including pages, videos, and images — and how it’s ranked by Bing.

For example, if you’re searching for a hotel in London, England, you’ll see a map with all the ranking hotels along with their featured accommodation, rates, and reviews.

And if you’re on LinkedIn, you can click the information button next to a profile to see all that person’s inbound marketing activities, case studies, and more.

Why Should You Care About Website Content?

If you own a website, you know the importance of content. Without it, you have zero functionality on your site.

The problem is, keeping up with the latest content trends, generating new content ideas, and finding the right people to help you with content can be difficult and overwhelming.

By analyzing the content on your site, you can easily discover areas of strength and weakness — and make necessary adjustments. In addition, you’ll be able to determine how effective your content is and if it’s performing as intended.

In the long term, this feature could prove to be quite useful for businesses of all sizes, especially those who want to improve their SEO (search engine optimization) and get more organic (non-paid) traffic to their site.

How Does Website Content Work?

To start, you’ll need to point your site’s URL (Universal resource locator) in the Bing search bar. After that, you’ll see a blue ‘Website Content’ button at the top right corner of the search engine’s results.

When you click it, you’ll be taken to a new tab where the results of your search are displayed along with a card containing important information.

As you can see, there are a number of results on the right side, with a blue ‘Website Content’ button at the top of each. When you click on any of them, you’ll be taken to a new tab where you can see some important information about the hotel. Below is a screenshot of the new tab:

Here you can see the hotel’s ranking in Google along with its location, star rating, photos, and rates. In addition, you can see a small excerpt of the hotel’s description along with some key statistics such as pageviews and reach.

Further down, you can click on the ‘overview’ button to get more information about the hotel including its ranking in Bing and on other search engines, reviews, location, and more.

And if you’re on LinkedIn, you can click the ‘information’ button next to a profile to get more inbound marketing activities, case studies, and more from that person.

What Do You Need To Know?

To qualify for this feature, your site must be a live, published website that’s been available for at least three months and meet these requirements:

  • It must be a domain name registered in the United States.
  • The website must be optimized for mobile viewing.
  • The site’s content must be in English.
  • The site’s content must be available for download.
  • The website must have a minimum of 500 words.
  • The website must be classified as a professional or business website.
  • The website must not be associated with any brand or product.
  • The website must not be a social networking site.
  • The website must be owned and operated by the same entity.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you’ll be able to see how Bing’s AI-driven search engine uses website content to provide relevant results for your search queries.

When Do You Need To Know?

While you don’t need to make any specific schedule for this feature, it’s best to regularly check your site’s content to ensure you’re always catching up on the latest trends and can utilize this feature when it comes available.

In the long term, it’s important to examine the effectiveness of your content, so it’s useful to check up on this feature once or twice a month.

Is This Feature For You?

Whether or not you should care about how efficiently your site’s content is performing is something you need to determine for yourself.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop resource for all your content needs, this feature might not be for you as it doesn’t provide any insights into the effectiveness of your content — only how it ranks in comparison with other sites.

However, if you want to easily find and fix any content problems you might have, then this feature could be quite useful.

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