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Local Search engine optimization

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Local Searches

78% of searches done on a mobile device result in an offline purchase-(MOZ 2020)

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of clicks

Over 75% of organic clicks go to the top three search results-(Birkett, 2020)

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of consumers

64% of consumers use Google My Business (GMB) to find business addresses or phone numbers (Murphy, 2020)

What is local search engine optimization, and what does a local SEO company do?

In its simplest terms, local SEO is a way for Miami, FL, businesses to reach more local customers and build their online brand. Today, more people search for companies, products, and services online before purchasing. Most consumers will only click on the first few websites to decide when they search.


Local SEO companies can help businesses reach out to more customers. Many business owners know this, but they still don’t understand how that will directly benefit the business. After all, aren’t their current marketing strategies doing the same thing?


Not exactly…


The difference between traditional advertising and local SEO advertising is that local SEO is highly targeted. Consider that when a business releases a print ad or radio ad, that business owner has to hope that the ad reaches its intended target audience and that the audience is looking for their product or service at that time. Local SEO gives you the power of customers searching for you instead of you searching for them.


The popularity of the internet has revolutionized the way businesses and customers interact. A world of information is available at buyers’ fingertips, and communication takes place within seconds. About 90% of all pages on Google get absolutely zero visits! It is extremely easy to fall in that 90%. One online marketing tool that can effectively help grow your business in today’s digital world is Local Search Engine Optimization.