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SEMRush volatility Index

The SEMrush Sensor tracks volatility of Google’s SERPs based on daily changes in rankings to monitor any signs that could indicate an update to Google’s algorithm. Since Google updates its ranking algorithm often, their results pages can change all the time. By letting this tool monitor Google’s behavior for you, you can determine if the industries you operate in are more or less susceptible to change compared to the rest of Google’s search results.

Notice Google Algorithm Changes

Google is constantly updating its ranking algorithm as Internet trends and search behavior evolves. While this is good for improving the quality of user experience on Google, it can lead to some problems for your SEO if you are not diligent in your site maintenance. This where Sensor can play a huge role in maintaining your site in order to reflect any potential updates that took place in Google.

Sensor measures SERP volatility on a scale of 0-10 to indicate how much overall change is happening day to day. If there’s a high score, it means that rankings are fluctuating and you could lose or gain positions. If there’s a low score, your rankings are more likely to remain stable. To calculate this score, Semrush uses a proprietary formula that checks the changes in search results for a fixed set of keywords on a daily basis.

In terms of volatility, anything ranked between 0-2 is considered low, 2-5 is normal, 5-8 is high and 8-10 is very high. Naturally, the higher these numbers are on a given day, the more likely a change occurred within Google. A high or very high score indicates a high chance that your website’s rankings could significantly fluctuate.

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