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Our digital marketing agency is located in Panama City, FL and specializes in creating effective digital marketing campaigns that help businesses reach their target audience.

Kirk Musick, the Founder of ZINC Digital of Miami, is a remarkable individual whose passion for Panama City spans over two decades. As an experienced Crew Chief on F-15E’s at Tyndall AFB back in the late 90’s, Kirk’s dedication to perfection and attention to detail have always been exceptional. He has always been fascinated by the charm of Panama City and its unique nature, and that interest has never waned. Spring of 2022 found Kirk and his fiancé relocating to this area with great excitement, eager to participate in the enchantment that characterizes the city. His portfolio showcases his expertise, and his experience is evident in the fantastic work he has done. Moreover, Kirk has a broad range of talents, which are not just limited to digital marketing expertise, and they have all contributed to his success. The picture attached below encapsulates the spirit of a proud and dedicated Kirk Musick during his time in the Air Force in Saudi Arabia.

To deliver unprecedented digital marketing and search engine optimization to a select number of clients who demand more.

We hold ourselves accountable to be the best, deliver more and retain an infectious appetite for knowledge.

Through unrivaled thought leadership, our path will be centered on academics and the relentless pursuit of constant improvements.