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Miami, 4/18/2022 ZINC Digital of Miami and Ukraine based Megasite announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership where ZINC Digital of Miami will be using Megasite as there first choice of web design support and will fundamentally impact each business.
The agreement brings together two digital marketing agencies who serve similar clients. ZINC Digital of Miami is a Miami Branding agency, SEO services provider and Website Design agency and Megasite is a premiere We Design agency who also does SEO.

“I look forward to bridging the two agencies from across the globe in a time where our fellow mankind needs our support the most.  Their work is absolutely stunning and they will trully be an asset that enables our clients here in Miami to have a level of design that is no where close to what we have anywhere in the states. They have a very unique design methodology and it is very exciting.” said Kirk Musick, founder of ZINC.

Clients of ZINC Digital of Miami will now be able to have more design options with vivid layouts and wireframing that were not within our core platform before.
“We are very excited about this, it is very good news” said Sergei Kolozenko, President and Owner at Megasite.

Megasite offers premiere web design and has been officially listed at Ukraine’s TOP 10 web design and development agency across the entire country.  They are a big deal. They have a full range of website design and development, backend coding and builds, along with frontend development.

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We build brands. We are relentless in our pursuit of delivering fierce marketing strategies and enterprise level SEO. We have engaged and delivered for mega brands such as Porsche and Home Depot, ambitious law firms such as Olin, Mallory, Kahn and Associates and Schottmiller Law, and became an award winning digital marketing agency in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

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