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The whole point of graphic designing is to create engaging visuals that meet promotional needs. Without effectively designing your website it will be very difficult to get a bulk of site traffic which is crucial for your website’s success. This traffic will slowly convert into leads which will eventually be converted into sales. The conversion rate of leads into sales is how you gauge a website’s success.

The importance of effective graphic designing

The only way to optimize conversion rates is by effective web designing. Given below are a few points that highlight the importance of web designing.

First impression is the last impression

The moment your audience opens your webpage and if it is designed with poor graphics you will lose that lead forever. This is why it is imperative that you launch your website once the graphics have been perfectly articulated making your website attractive and responsive.

Graphic designing helps readers navigate

If your website has been designed poorly then that will make it difficult for readers to find what they are looking for, these readers then check other websites and will avoid using your page for information. Studies have proven that 35% of users fail to navigate effectively on the average website.

Helps build a trusting relationship with the customer

The design of your webpage plays an integral role in the relationship you build with the customer. The general theme of your page depicts your businesses persona which encourages your users to choose your product over your competitors. Studies have proven that poor graphic design will make usability difficult which will decrease the trust users have in your business.

Helps conversion rates

As stated before the design of your page will affect the success rate of your website. An effectively designed website will not only engage your users but will also make navigation easy which will increase conversion rates. The more your users’ use your page for information the more leads are generated, these leads will eventually become customers and will help the overall profitably of your business.

Poor graphic designs will affect mobile and tablet users

Another important aspect to consider when deciding on your websites graphics is that a large portion of your traffic, are going to be mobile and tablet users. If your website is poorly designed it will make navigation very difficult for mobile and tablet users even if the user is directed to a specified device site. These days with interactive web designing a responsive site can be created that is compatible with any device.

Problems most users face due to poor graphic design

If you are currently in the process of designing a website you should consider avoiding these common issues that hamper with the generation of leads.

1)  Too much information is being displayed on one page

2)  The information is not organized

3)  The text format is in appropriate

4)  Difficulty in navigation

5)  Users have to scroll too much

All of the above should convince you about the significance your web design has on its success rate and the mistakes you should avoid to successfully design your website.


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