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Google My Business Optimization: 2022


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Remember the days when you had to scroll through endless ‘Yellow Pages’ to search for the contact information of a business?

Today, search engines have made the process unbelievably quick and convenient.

All you have to do is type in the service you need, and Google brings up the best service providers near you. Google has made the search even more accurate and useful through its ‘Google My Business’ tool. If you are a business owner, listing on Google My Business is a must.

Why is Google My Business Important?


Marketing often takes up a large portion of a company’s budget. But if you’re only starting or working on a small scale, Google My Business is a very effective free marketing tool.

It allows you to target a wide customer base and if you can optimize your profile, you can compete with larger businesses.

All The Necessary Information

A ‘Google My Business’ profile can contain the following details about your company:

·      Business Name

·      Location

·      Timings

·      Customer Reviews

·      Photos

·      Website Link

·      Product/Service

The more precise and accurate your information is, the more likely are customers going to get in touch with you. 60% of smartphone users contact a business they find on Google Search.

Communicating With Customers

The review section on your profile is a great way to stay informed of customer feedback and improve upon your business accordingly. 48% of shoppers agreed Google recommendations influences their decisions.

Google My Business allows you to interact with customers by answering queries or direct messaging.

Ranking with Local SEO

Knowing how to improve your search ranking is key to making your business successful online. One of the most effective ways to do so is to list yourself with the leading search engine itself!

Google analyzes your profile, and takes into account the accuracy of your details, and performance based on reviews to rank your profile. If it finds your profile is up to the mark, it will show your business when someone performs a relevant search. This can lead to sales conversions — 78% of location-based searches lead to offline purchases!

Insights and Analytics

A very useful feature of the tool is its insights. It provides details on the type of traffic showing up on your profile, how they were able to reach you (Google Search or Google Maps), how your content is performing compared to others, etc.

It allows you to dynamically optimize your profile to best engage with customers.

Growing Your Business

Maintaining an active online presence is the key to success for businesses in this highly competitive environment.

Through Google My Business, you can reach your people at almost no cost, and even turn them into customers.

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